We can hardly understand ourselves and yet we expect… no, demand, that others understand us.

What arrogance.


1 thought on “#6 ”

  1. Quite a deep post with much truth, at least in my eyes, and it spurs many thoughts.

    This world is not conducive for learning about ones self. If it was, then we would be harder to control and manipulate. I suspect, as a result of not learning about ourselves, our souls and just exactly what it means to be human when all things are taken away from us that we demand understanding because we understand ourselves so little that we do not even understand that our own souls are actually crying out for help and telling us that this is not how the world should be. I believe very few of us ever learn to recognize where our arrogance and other negative traits really stem from. If it wasn’t a ‘dog eat dog’ in tandem with a ‘monkey see monkey do’ world of survival instead of living, then these selfish and too often, even cruel behaviors would not have much of a place. Too bad we will never learn to get our priorities straight, learn that being wrong is only bad when we choose not correct ourselves, accept and set aside our differences, help each other out, and just get along. (p.s. I have no expectations of anyone understanding this comment, just hopes.)

    Thank you for a dose of introspection.

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