I had a dream

Of cannibalism

Burning worlds

And collapsed buildings.

I had a dream

Of separation


And betrayal.

I had a dream

Of blood.

And when I woke

My mind was frozen in fear.



Roses are red 

Violets are blue

Knowledge is sweet

But not as sweet as you 

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It’s the first time I found that ass over higher towards the ceiling there is nothing there I you me all of them we were surrounded we were Captive we’re defeated

All over again it all starts started the Hamsa last slide of giraffe necks reaching high to grab the people that help the tenant together without the tent structure we will fall inside we would all be lost and chaos would Reign Supreme

I’m not the kinda person who was going to change that fixes and try and make it something better special full stop When something bad is about to happen if it’s got nothing to do with you I thought you care about let them be happy nature has to have some quotes and soap that parts not betraying people you care about that’s bad part but it’s bad but that’s been the simulated parasite so perfectly so restless there we can homie Stop and Stare and watch is the new Young Blood opens it’s moons opens it’s scars I’m not the blood flow out there party and then to the fields to merge with ground from which they once were born of the grounds that had long been forgotten after years and years trial search Technology have two years and years of urbanization and is finally here and those who care the grounds that gives a part of themselves to the ground will be the ones who remembered and protected and cherished cherished

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I want to be special,

I want to be adventurous


I want to be that girl you see in the magazine


I want to be that person who’s Instagram you’ve seen


I want to make myself special enough for you


I want to make myself worthy


But you can’t turn trash into a diamond.



Is there ever a happy ending?

Does life ever work out the way we intend it to?

If not,

What is the point?

Let it cease,

And let us be at peace.